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Welcome to Day 6

Time does not need a manager, we simply need to develop prioritization and execution habits!

Your time is the most important asset you have outside of your health. Since there is no way to ever stop time, you will need to become efficient with your use of it.

Today’s Goal

1. Develop prioritization and execution habits
2. Be informed not overwhelmed


1. Fill out Weekly schedule sheets
2. Send pic to your coach
3. Call your coach

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Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail.

Your commitment, consistency, success with Beachbody will be directly related to your successful coach launch. Your time and how you spend it to over the next 30 days is vital to your business foundation and your credibility as coach. This section is a missing link to most coaches.


Step 1:

Put your day to day schedule into your chosen scheduler.  Work, family time, date night, appointments, chores, etc.  Don’t leave anything out.

Step 2:

Add your workouts.  Add your time to plan and prep nutrition.

***HINT:  YOU CAN EASILY LISTEN TO PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT WHILE DOING BOTH.  So, go ahead and put that in as well.  This is the beginning of you learning to prioritize items with your time.

Step 3:

Let your family see your schedule.  Collaborate and communicate about your time and priorities.  Having help and input from family and anyone impacted increases your success and helps you adjust as necessary prior to day one.  Having this buy-in creates support from those it could affect.  This is so important.

Step 4:

Follow schedule.  Schedules are only great with action behind them.  Write on each day how it went and how you felt about the system you picked.  This is vital the first month and then on.  Adjust and tweak as necessary.  You are a work in progress.



  1. GET a call with your coach!!!
  2. You will send a photo of your schedule to your coach and follow up with a call.
  3. Discuss with your sponsoring coach how you will keeping up with your time and when you are doing workouts and planning/prepping nutrition.
  4. I recommend discussing possible challenges and how to overcome them as they arise. This may sound kind of small and insignificant but this system being set up now will help you so much as you implement business activities and already having a working calendar means you are 10 steps ahead.
  5. As you launch your coaching business you will want to be organized and have the ability to schedule your time and prioritize everything- work, personal and fitness.

Download and fill out the Time Management Sheets.
These sheets will be used later in the training – you do not have to do EVERYTHING on these sheets now!
All you are required to fill out is

When will you workout
When will you drink your Shakeology
When will you listen to your Personal Development
What possible challenges/struggles could you face and your solution to them
IF you are on a nutrition plan- when will you meal prep.

Feeling brave – put your personal activities in there too. home life, block out your current job, kids functions etc.



1. Fill out Weekly schedule sheets
2. Send pic to your coach
3. Call your coach


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