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Team Unbreakable Training

As I have stressed before the best way to maximize your efforts and position you for success is to have a strong foundation. Whether you are brand new to Beachbody, a customer becoming a coach having knowledge and understanding is the first step. Hustle and putting the tools and system given to you into consistent action and practicing to make permanent will be your fertilizer to your success as a coach.

We will ALWAYS be updating and adding to training as the business is forever changing and we are constantly on top of our core values Learn, Practice, Success, and Teach the latest skills and systems to grow your business.

The system works- I urge you to not look to get this training over but to be present and learn. LEARNING the information given to you here in the next 7 days is vital to your success. Take each day seriously, do the training in an undistracted environment with the goal to LEARN and then to PUT INTO ACTION.

At any time you need to spread the training out longer do so. If you have questions reach out to your sponsor coach and ask questions.

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