Day 1 – Your Why

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Welcome to Day 1

Every time you have decide to do something there is ALWAYS a reason WHY. The same with when you started using Beachbody products and when you became a Team Beachbody Coach. Becoming very familiar and clear with your why is the glue to your business, it will get your through the difficult days and have you empowered on the great days!

One the keys to a great why to get to the source of the why until it won’t go any smaller. You want to lose weight. Why? You want to look good in an outfit. Why? You want to be healthier. Why? You want more energy to play with your kids. Why? You want more freedom? Why? You want to make more money? WHY??? What drives that desire and goal? It’s not just the values that drive you, it’s that tiny seed in your inner core. You keep asking why until you can’t ask why any more. THEN you’ve found your why. Your motivation. Your driving factor!

Today’s Goal

1. Deciding WHY you became a coach and what drives you
2. Examples of WHY videos from the team
3. Recording your own WHY video
4. Connecting to your customer’s WHY

  • Why did you decide to become a coach?
  • What is your story?

Action Items

Fill Out WHY Worksheets

Send a screen shot to your coach


Why Worksheets

Get Help

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Day 1: WHY

This is the foundation to your business and what you will use to drive your business.

There is something real and tangible to writing something down. Too often I see coaches fail at this business due to storing things in their head- as the business grows your head does not so let’s start off right!

Your Why and your connection to it will be your light and power during the ups and downs of your business and your experience as a coach. When your struggle, your WHY will always give you vision and passion drive you forward. Your why should move you, make you antsy, make you cry it should be powerful. It’s at your core, it’s personal and it includes what you want most.

What does the coaching opportunity really mean to you? GET REAL.

What could it provide or change in your life?

That is part of your WHY!

Take 5 minutes to really reflect on why you became a coach.


After you have written down WHY you became a coach, get it recorded! This is a valuable video that you can use to help share your journey as a coach. To see what a Why video is all about, check out ours!


Clinton Blankenship Co-Founder Team Unbreakable


Tara Maring


Laura Jayne Founder: BossBabes United


This will not be perfect nor does it have to be. This is your beginning connection and practice. This is not for others but more for you. As a coach your WHY will change and evolve over time, just as you do as a person, a coach and a CEO.

Record a video on your phone or computer using Zoom and talk about why you decided to become a coach.  THERE ARE NO WRONG ASNWERS – unless you are untruthful

  • What is your driving force for being a coach?
  • What do you personally need to change in order to achieve your greatness?
  • What has happened in your past that has brought you to this point?

Be open, honest and authentic- over time, it will get easier to share!


Your Why is not the only one that counts in building a successful team and being a great leader and CEO. There is no business without others. Your Customer’s WHY matters. Your ability to tap into other people’s’ “why” will help you be a successful coach. Your Customers have a WHY for everything they do, often they do not know it or need help uncovering it. First undercover yours, that will help you uncover theirs.

How to help your customers discover their WHY? : ASK QUESTIONS

You are a professional friend maker- build friendships and relationships not sales.

  • Where are you at now?
  • What have you struggled with in the past?
  • What makes you interested in joining my challenge group?
  • Why do you feel like this point in time is right for you to make some changes?

Uncover their WHY so that you can use it to connect with them.

WHY your customer might give you is a WHY NOT or wcan’t/won’t join you. 

This is an opportunity to connect them back to why they should! It’s YOUR why that will help strengthen why participating in your challenge group, with products or the business opportunity would be beneficial for them. They need to trust you- build trust by getting them to see themselves in your story, how it has helped you and WHY you believe in what you are doing and have done.


“I get you feel like it’s another weight loss get thin quick gimmick. I felt the same way! I came in extremely skeptical because I’ve been trying to lose weight for years, tried everything, gyms, trainers, diets and have spent hundreds trying to feel better about myself. SO I felt the same way. What I found was that [insert program here] was what I needed to start and then combining exercise, nutrition, accountability, a fun support group made it less difficult and more fun. These results actually last because it was not a quick fix, it gave methe change I needed to make.”

Pairing their response with your Why:

It’s important to understand why you became a Coach, why you decided to be healthier and more fit, why you decided to lose or gain weight, why you decided Beachbody, Challenge groups, Shakeology and Coaching is your path.

Find common connections- (ANY) and relay that connection to them- when your potentials see you as someone they can talk to and connect with they will be more inclined to trust you. Hence again you are professional friend maker not in a sales job) Discovering your why, and uncovering their why, is the answer to many objections.

Identifying your why is one thing the next is sharing. Sharing your why without regret you will not only strengthen you as a coach, but it will help connect you to your ideal customer and coach who are looking for someone who can relate to their journey.

Once you have your WHY video recorded- you should upload it to YouTube and Share it to the Unbreakable New Coach Page in the files sections- We all want to see it!

Its time to get 2 Feet In, Help others and become an Unbreakable CEO.


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