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Welcome to Day 1

Being a product of the product is BUSINESS training not just health training. You are training to better help YOUR FUTURE IDEAL CUSTOMERS and COACHES. You will attract these people much easier as you develop stories, experiences, and success with the products and programs.

Being a product of the programs and products is your number 1 marketing tool and we will teach you how to share, so don’t worry.

You just need some experience, knowledge, and some success – you do not need to know every thing nor do you need a shocking after with a ripped body.  Being a product of the product is your marketing ticket, serves as your accountability, and communicates your integrity to your potential customers and coaches.

Today’s Goal

1. Understand the importance of being a product of the product to launch your coaching business
2. Understand the Golden Trio
3. Be informed not overwhelmed


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Keep in mind – the end goal is to have SOME knowledge, experience and success, NOT HAVE IT ALL!

Being a product of the product starts your relationship to the company, products, programs, and coaching.  People are attracted to success- honest success.

Sharing your journey from start to finish with each program and/or system, you will prove your trustworthiness as a coach and as a product of the product.

Your relationship to the products, coaching and company needs to be positive and successful .

Having a strong belief in all 3 will be your foundation to success. Relationships are everything in this business NOT transactions. Remember, you got into coaching and built a relationship not a transaction.

Begin to establish your credibility with the GOLDEN TRIO


In this business, your credibility is everything.

Your consistency with sharing as well as your transformation will establish your credibility.  You cannot POP up as a coach and expect people to join you. You must establish a relationship, your love for the products, company, and your team AND show the success you are having with it.  THIS SPEAKS TO YOUR INTEGRITY.




Your use, experiences, and success with Beachbody products and programs serves as your own ACCOUNTABILITY.

Knowing your success in coaching is dependent on your success with the products is essential and helpful. I mean, it’s for sure easier to press play and stick to my meal plan when I know I have a group of customers I am checking in with.  ALSO, it sure is better for business when I have a success I can speak to each week.  I have tried sharing other people’s transformations, but my friends and potentials want to see me and MY TRANSFORMATION.  Having daily accountability to being a product of the product will serve as foundation to your success.


Successful coaches and their organizations have many memorable experiences as well as success stories with the products – and continue to have them – the journey never ends. They repeatedly show their life, health, and business are a result of being committed and consistent with using the products. This is what you will do!!

Health is a lifetime quest and there is so much success to be had.

Being a product of the product will provide you marketing content that will SELL both your lifestyle of health and the opportunity.  Marketing will give you assets, photos, videos, stories, experiences(social media posts which you will do throughout your new coach training to launch your business), actual numbers(inches lost, weight loss) to SHOW people the proof, to back up what you are saying.

Nothing resonates more with attracting the right people then a success story of your own.

People want to know they can do what you did. They want to be you!!!




Print & Sign Coach Launch Contract

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