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Welcome to Day 3

Personal Development is the most fundamental behavior in your business.

It is the key to how incredibly successful people think, behave, and grow.

It is the primary driver on how they move forward, squish limiting beliefs, and how you will evolve mentally AND physically.

In your journey there will always be a need to master the NEXT phase and to GROW.

Today’s Goal

1. Understand the importance of Personal Development
2. You have to do it every day
3. You can not stop growing and evolving
2. Be informed not overwhelmed


1. Purchase The Compound Effect
2. Begin to Read it
3, Begin to watch the videos of Compound Effect in our training

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As you move forward with your health and coaching, you will come across limiting moments in your beliefs.  Beliefs in yourself, your fitness, and in your coaching.  These moments will require you to lean in to Personal Development to gain skills and knowledge.  Personal development is the tool you will use to master the skills you need. Often, you do not even realize you need Personal Development until after you have done it.

Successful coaches in business and fitness aren’t successful because of being born in some chosen category. Successful coaches are constantly and diligently noticing their need to grow and evolve.

You will have questions about your role as a coach.  In fact, the list of questions might even be overwhelming.

These are typical:

How do I start talking to complete strangers on the internet?

How do I connect with people without coming off as salesy and annoying the people I care about?

How do I talk to people online when I am afraid of being judged?

How am I supposed to write about my fitness journey when I don’t have the ‘perfect’ transformation?

How do I gain followers?

How do I fit this in my day?

How do I stay motivated for health when I just want the burger and fries AND beer?

How do I do this business if I am anxious in one on one conversations?

How do I do this business even though I am not so sure I think I can do it?

How in the world will I be successful if I don’t have abs?

What is residual income?

How much money can I really make doing this business?

How do I do this business without burning ALL THE BRIDGES with my friends?

How can I become a better salesman?

I lack confidence and really need help with that area.


WE ALL HAVE THEM – whether we are new or seasoned veterans in the coach business, we all have these questions. Our job is to prioritize and learn a little every day!



Personal Development will be the Google to your business and life.  Personal Development has unlimited resources and is the key to your best self! Your best self will be essential to you achieving your happiness, dreams, and to successfully serving others. The only requirement is your consistency and willingness to be coach-able while allowing yourself to grow and evolve.

We have picked your first book for you!  We know making the first choice can be overwhelming.

The Compound Effect(Click Here) is your first Personal Development resource. It will lay the MOST SOLID foundation as you begin your coaching journey. The book is a simple, impactful read/audible that helps you be intentional about daily goals with resources.  You can also do the immediate calls to action located within the book.  Here are two great accompanying resources:

Compound Effect Breakdown HERE
Compound Effect Darren Hardy Talk

Your ongoing Personal Development is going to be based on your goals and skills needed – make sure you stay in contact with your coach to help you with selection needs.

One of the largest keys to your success in your fitness and business is your consistent on-going personal development and your need to grow and evolve every day.

In the morning: post a favorite quote that motivates you to grow and explain why
Evening Post: So excited, Decided to change things up,  it time to evolve and grow. Starting to read The Compound Effect By Darren Hardy. Let the growth begin!!


1. Purchase The Compound Effect
2. Begin to Read it
3, Begin to watch the videos of Compound Effect in our training


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