Goal Setting with Your Fitness

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Welcome to Day 5

Setting fitness goals will be very similar to setting your coaching goals.

REMEMBER: This week is all about your fitness and this will help you with the coach launch training in days to come.

Learn to set goals with your fitness first then we will do the same your coaching business next week.

Today’s Goal

1. Set fundamental and basic fitness goals to build a credible coach business
2. Be informed not overwhelmed


1. Fill out Fitness Goals Sheet
2. Message Your Coach and proudly announce and go over your goals

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 Goal Setting with Your Fitness to Launch Your Business.

With Beachbody products it is essential to follow a process. That is why products come with fitness schedules, nutrition plans, directions, guidelines, journals, and calendars. Your discipline, commitment, and consistency following a system will help you with your accountability, marketing, and integrity. This will lead to you successfully attracting your most ideal coaches and customers.

With your fitness, it cannot be stressed more:  you have to become process dependent (aka “trust the process”) and not deviate. I see so many coaches try to reinvent the wheel and struggle with results. Beachbody programs and products have been put through numerous quality tests, some take longer than a year to make sure the product you are getting will produce results if used consistently and correctly.

You are taking your fitness and coaching seriously. Goal setting will be essential. People who set goals are much more successful than those who wing it. Remember your fitness serves a purpose: to transform you into a product of the product and to provide you with accountability, marketing and integrity.

Goal Setting 101

You will set a goal that is EASY or one that is a STRETCH
Those who set stretch goals are more committed and successful with achieving and exceeding their goals.

Set Goals and let your coach know you are ok with being held accountable to them.

Keep in mind you are setting goals for
1. You personally with your health and fitness
2. The launch of your coaching business

Steps to take in setting your goals:
Step 1: Make a list of your DESIRES in 30 days
In Fitness/Health
In Personal Development
How do you want to feel in 30 days?

Step 2: Develop a Goal statement – What will your GOAL be at the end of 30 days?
For each above

Step 3: Create weekly and daily goals use I will and I must
I will/must workout 6 days a week
I will/must drink my shake every day
I will/must eat out of my containers
I will/must drink xx of water every day
I will/must take weekly progress photos
I will/must feel confident and certain in 30 days
I will/must feel healthier in 30 days
I will/must feel happier in 30 days

Step 4: Find 2 motivation quotes for you this month
“Never quit.”
“Success is never given – It’s earned.”
“I am worth the struggle.”

Step 5: Every day, visualize your success and how you will feel in 30 days.

Step 6: Tell people about the success you are having. Don’t hide it!

You are going to be asked to set your fitness/nutrition goals – and communicate them to your coach at the end of today’s training.
7 Day
30 Day
60 Day
90 Day
180 Day

Social MEDIA POST:  Share one of your goals on social media today.

Have you ever set goals? Not in your head but write them down on paper, and then look at them? I did just that! for the health. No more excuses, no more I will start tomorrow, I don’t have time, I don’t have the right clothes, enough money, I’m too out of shape, I have no clue what to do and my personal favorite – I will start tomorrow, next week, etc etc. (use what ever is yours push into your pain points)

Well I Just did it. 30 days, 4 simple goals each week to hit, not over thinking it – I am just starting! No more excuses! And now I am telling you about it! I am sharing to bring you along and to help me with accountability. Here comes the next 30 days!

Photo od you excited holding your filled out worksheets.



1. Fill out Fitness Goals Sheet
2. Message Your Coach and proudly announce and go over your goals

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