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NEW COACH WELCOME: watch this first

Let’s Get Started!

Download New Coach Goals & Checklist


  Welcome to Team Unbreakable!

Welcome to the team!! We are very excited to have you as part of team! As a founding coaching at Team Beachbody and co-founder of Team Unbreakable with Clinton & Shana Blankenship I would like to say we are honored to have you on the team and look forward to your journey to your unbreakable future!

We are a fun dedicated team with a focus on taking action and working hard to help others with their health, fitness and business goals. Inside this site you will find the successful systems and support used  by myself and many leaders to achieve our goals and live fun fulfilling lives helping others.

If at any time you have questions please reach out as we want to see you succeed – probably more then you want it. That’s how we are geared.

Make sure you add yourself to our Team Unbreakable page and to the Team Unbreakable Support and Training page better support you in your success!


The next steps is for you to get excited and then for you to take a deep breath!!

You have training ahead of you and a foundation to build which will be fun and exciting and frustrating at times. Enjoy the good and the success –  accept you will be tough challenging days and that you will feel overwhelmed at times. Nothing great was built over night, without failure and with out action! I learned all of this from doing exactly of that repeatedly!!

Sure there are 28 days of training – Does that mean it has to be done in 28 days? You have to retain all of the information given to you immediately? No No and NO! What it means is you have a home, a place to train, a place to build your business and a support system with people that care about your dreams, vision and success!

Below you begin your journey – The steps you should be going through as well as the steps you should be taking with each and every new coach on your team to get them started out right!


The Basic Team Unbreakable New Coach Welcome and On-board Steps


New Coach: You should receive a Team Unbreakable (or your team) Welcome Letter #1
– 4 steps to begin to become Unbreakable

Attach: Quick Start Guide

Sponsor Coach RECREATE THIS AS YOUR OWN: Send Welcome Letter #1



New Coach: Text MESSAGE Your sponsor coach

Sponsor Coach: Wait for text message, DO NOT RETURN IMMEDIATELY – responding immediately will set the expectation that you will respond immediately always – wait patience wins.



New Coach: You should receive WELCOME LETTER #2
– Schedule 30 min call with your sponsor coach

Sponsor Coach: Send WELCOME LETTER #2



New Coach: YOU call your sponsor coach on your appointment date and time

Sponsor Coach:


  1. Their Why
  2. What is Emerald
  3. Success Club
  4. What their goals should be
  5. Write their coming out of the closet post announcement.

SEND: Link to training :


You have to be “ok” with not talking to everyone! When they are ready they will reach out! When they are ready in the groups you asked them to join – they will see what you do and be ready to talk. You cannot and should not chase anyone to coach. If you chase – you always will.

Not for discount coaches.