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Welcome to Day 7

The process of documentation.

It’s simple. We cannot share what we do not have.

We cannot share what we did not go through.

Today’s Goal

1. Capture fitness transformation content, document, build credibility.
2. Be informed not overwhelmed


1. Create Folder to keep content
2. Take Photos
3. Take Measurements
4. Message sponsor coach you have completed this


Create and Maintain Your Documentation Process

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We have talked about the importance of your commitment to the products, your experience with the products, and your accountability to the products. You are working on your health and business not on your Vegas trip where you are to not tell any stories or document!! Paying attention to the details and having documentation will help you tell YOUR story and build your business.

Now, we are going to guide you through how to best document your transformation because people will trust you more when they SEE that what you are doing WORKS.  So, let’s jump up to having the physical evidence to back up your commitment and success to them.

Having this powerful documentation will not only help you feel great about your success, it will have a large impact on launching and maintaining your business.

Why do we document?

We document to have knowledge.

We document so that we can share specific information and then teach the process to our team/coaches.

Your documentation is a big piece of your marketing when launching.
It’s your, “Look, I started here, went through this, and now I am here!  If I can, you can! I am proof that this system and these products work.”.

With everything we go over below remember you cannot ask your coaches to do what you are not willing to do.  Think long term- you will need a beginning to your story/success!

  1. Do your best to document the best – make an effort with your pictures
    1. Being a mess is great at times, but you are launching a business, be real, be great, but don’t over do it.
    2. Take your time don’t rush to get the photo just to get it done – documentation is IMPORTANT.
  2. Video wins!
    1. Do not be afraid
    2. Don’t wish you had made it, make it! Do a day 1, 7, 30, 60,90, 365; commit to it.
    3. Give yourself permission to stutter, and not be perfect. Just say what’s on your mind, where you are at, do not play to an audience but tell your experience, your emotion, your success, ALWAYS keep your videos energetic, Do not down play your success, be excited for it no matter how big or small. To make an impact and inspire people you have to be inspiring and have an impact. People need to see they too can do what you are doing and be excited.
  1. Create a FOLDER on your COMPUTER or in DROPBOX
    This will contain
    – Before pic and progress pics each week. (see video link below for how to)
    – Your Goal
    – Your Measurements
  2. Document your journey daily on social media and in person – people need to know you are commitment to your health and need to see it!

Prepare to Submit to the Beachbody Challenge Contest

How to Photograph Your Transformation

How to Take Your Body Measurements for Your Beachbody Fitness Transformation

Things just got real, Took day 1 measurements, wrote down how I feel starting this new fitness journey, my commitment to myself  and to the people I love… AND Took Day 1 photos. I am so excited to to look back at the person I was in 30 days and to look forward to the person I will become in 30 days! Bring on Day 1!



1. Create Folder to keep content
2. Take Photos
3. Take Measurements
4. Message sponsor coach once completed

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