Your BRAND 101 New Coach

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Your BRAND 101  New Coach

*Download Worksheet then listen to video – its a listen and work at the same time training day

Your BRAND begins with having clarity with yourself, how you feel, what you provide, your experience and passion for the products and services you will provide combined with knowing your ideal customers, challengers and coaches so you may serve them, not yourself. It all hangs on you ALWAYS being intentional and consistent. It is there where your brand will begin!

Today’s Goals

1. Have vision on You as a coach
2. Begin to clear on you as a coach
3. Begin to create inner strength for coaching
4. HAve an understanding: Your audience only learns what you teach it
5. Begin to understand your ideal customer, challenger and Coach

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Your Brand 101
*Download Worksheet then listen to video – its a listen and work at the same time training day


Let’s Get Personal – CLARITY

Become intentional with you, Your Brand. When you use any platform on social media for your brand or business, – you are creating CONTENT! Content must and always has to be intentional AND in a way that supports YOUR end goals.

You need to get CLEAR on what your intentions and your use on social media. *don’t get overwhelmed, each platform is different, and will take time, but consistency and clarity to your goals will get you through it.


Your audience only learns what you teach it. You will be teaching them about coaching, success groups and your story. Thus being crystal clear on what you want your audience to know is important, this way you can communicate it effectively.



If you’re trying to create a tribe of people who *love* following you, you have to be clear on *who* those people are!

You must get clear on the people you want to work with – your “Ideals” – The people you would sit down to dinner with if you are going to BUILD “a TEAM, a TRIBE”



Wow, such a great feeling to gain clearer vision to help others as I dive deep into this new adventure to help others. I never thought I would say doing training for a career would excite me at this level to help others. Simple training and a great mentor make all the difference in the world! I am so excited – I cannot wait to begin to start this!



1. Download Your Brand 101 worksheets
2. Watch video and fill out worksheets at same time
3. Make social media post

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