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Welcome to Day 4

Mindset is a daily action. The mindset of a coach is extremely important!

The Mindset Goal: Certainty, Becoming Certain,

Understand This: Everything is decided in the mind

Today’s Goal

1.Establish a strong mindset towards your fitness, coaching and launching your business
2. You have to do it every day
3. You can not stop growing and evolving
2. Be informed not overwhelmed


1. Fill out Clarity Chart
2. Message Your Coach


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How will you create certainty? – this will apply in both your fitness and your business training later.

1. Commitment – You need to start: No Commitment, No Start

2. Consistency – You need to be consistent to your commitment. No consistency, no clarity for your results/success or your team/customer

3. Clarity – Clarity comes from commitment and consistency!

4. Confidence – a confident coach is a successful coach! With the first three, your confidence will grow and so will your success. Without the first 3, doubt will creep in to your head – head chatter and doubt will be shown in your personal results and to your customer/coaches!

CERTAINTY – comes when you combine all of these!






The steps to the discipline of a positive and intentional mindset.

Step 1:  YOUR FUTURE BEST SELF: Imagine yourself in the future having achieved and grown to your desired success.  Have a CLEAR image of that person and step into that person.

What/who do you see?
What are the loudest characteristics?

This takes time to figure out and quite honestly evolves so don’t anxiously assume you are writing in permanent ink.

Step 2.  Affirmations and Declarations

Affirmations are our intentional approach to rewriting the dialogue our brain uses.  They are effective in changing beliefs about ourselves and our abilities.  If you struggle with doubt in certain areas, this will be a good tool to help with your beliefs.  Every single belief comes from a single thought, change your thoughts change your mind.  Write out a few of each.

I will succeed at completing this new coach training.
I am a great coach.
I will reach Emerald rank by June.
I am patient with my children.


  1. My life’s purpose is to add value to the lives of others, which starts with achieving everything I want in my own life and never settling for less than I can be, do, or have so that I can pay it forward and learn how to help others to achieve everything they want.
  2. I will invest time in reflection, gaining a deeper perspective by asking questions like: What am I doing well that I need to acknowledge myself for?  What can I be doing better?  What am I not even thinking about that I should be?
  3. I am just as worthy, deserving, and capable of achieving extraordinary levels of success and all of my goals as any other person on earth, and that

The only rule is that your initial instinct to saying each needs to be a tad uncomfortable.  I mean if you are picking stuff you already know, you can’t expect to grow or achieve your dreams.  Affirmations need to be strategically placed, saying them out loud daily will reinforce new thoughts and create a mindset of growth and success.


Step 3.  Change affirmations as needed. Once a week or once a month?

Affirmations and declarartions coincide with your personal development.  Just be sure they are balanced in Personal, Health, and Business.

Fill out the following clarity chart to help you with your mindset and success in your fitness and coaching.  Writing down a few things about your future best self and claiming those things each day.



1. Fill out Clarity Chart
2. Message Your Coach


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